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20 novembre 2015
Letter from CSM Presidents to Minister Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

 November 12, 2015


The Honourable Navdeep Bains
Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada     K1A 0A6


Dear Minister Bains,

On behalf of the Canadian Society of Microbiologists- Société Canadienne des Microbiologistes we send an enthusiastic congratulations on your appointment as Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development. The CSM-SCM is excited by the creation of a new ministry that elevates scientific research to a prominent role within economic development. We look forward to the accompanying new opportunities to work with the Government of Canada on addressing opportunities for new discoveries that can benefit Canadians.

We welcome the new Government's commitment to appoint a Chief Science Officer, to make Government science and scientists fully available to the public, and to re-inject scientific analysis in the decision making process. Furthermore, the Government has pledged to make significant investments in our aging infrastructure, and in an innovation agenda. We strongly believe that the future prosperity of Canada will depend on the next generation of scientists who will make fundamental and applied discoveries that make our Citizens wealthier, healthier and safer. To this end we encourage significant investment in our science human resource infrastructure, and to review how NSERC, CIHR, NRC and Government laboratories fund and deliver research and training accordingly.

The CSM-SCM has been happy to provide service to the Government in the past. For example we  provided expert testimony when the Human Pathogens and Toxins Act was being drafted, and our members frequently serve as Chairs and committee members on the Tri-Council funding agency grant review panels. Our membership includes prominent internationally recognized scientists who can work together with the Government to tackle challenges such as antibiotic resistance, clean energy and global food security. Microbes have a prominent role to play in providing solutions to all these challenges, and Canada is internationally recognized for its expertise in microbial sciences.


Congratulations again and the CSM-SCM looks forward to assisting the Ministry into the future.


Best regards,

Christopher Yost, PhD. President CSM-SCM; University of Regina


Christine Szymanski, PhD. 1st Vice-President; University of Alberta

Andrew Lang, PhD. 2nd Vice-President; Memorial University of Newfoundland

Charles Dozois, PhD. Past President CSM-SCM, 2014; INRS University

Daniel Dubreuil, PhD. Past President CSM-SCM, 2013; Université de Montréal

Nancy Martin, PhD. Past President CSM-SCM, 2012; Queens University

Ivan Oresnik, PhD. Past President CSM-SCM, 2011; University of Manitoba
Ed Topp, PhD. Past President CSM-SCM, 2010; Southern Crop Protection and Food Research Centre, AAFC

Trevor Charles, PhD. Past President CSM-SCM, 2009; University of Waterloo

Michael Hynes, PhD. Past President CSM-SCM, 2008; University of Calgary

Contact Information
Christopher Yost, CSM President 

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