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ÉTUDIANTS  ::  Étudier la microbiologie au Canada

Étudier la microbiologie au Canada

Laurentian University

Département Biology

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Laurentian offers programs of study leading to a degree of M.Sc. in Biology or a Ph.D. in Boreal Ecology or Biomolecular Sciences. Graduate students can select research projects in areas such as botany, zoology, ecology, microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, and biomolecular sciences as determined by the expertise of their potential supervisor.


The Department's well-equipped laboratories and field stations allow research at all levels of biological organization, from molecular to ecosystem. The Department maintains an Herbarium and an Arboretum, as well as Vertebrate and Invertebrate Biology collections. Graduate students carrying out approved zoological studies may be allocated space in the Paul Field Animal Care Building. This facility includes a quarantine area, 15 controlled-environment rooms, and two permanent outdoor enclosures. Collaborations exist between the Department of Biology and the Co-operative Freshwater Ecology Unit (soon to be located in the new Vale Living with Lakes Centre), the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, and the Regional Cancer Program of the Sudbury Regional Hospital, among others.

Liste de corps enseignant Y. Alarie - cladistics, aquatic insects, evolution, freshwater ecology, systematics

M.A. Alikhan

M. Anand

S.E. Arnott

P.J. Beckett - restoration ecology, plant ecology

C. Boudreau-Larivière

J. Bowman

R. Brooks

G. Brown

D. Campbell, - community plant ecology, functional plant ecology, restoration of degraded ecosystems

E. Cholewa

F.V. Clulow

G.B. Côté

G.M. Courtin

J.C. Davies

R.W. Dirszowsky

G.D. Ferroni

E.R. Gauthier

J.M. Gunn – restoration ecology, fisheries science, environmental stressors

J. Hamr

I. Imre

T. Johnston

W. Keller, M.Sc.

T. Kovala

A. Kumar

R.M. Lafrenie.

C. Lanner

L.G. Leduc - microbiology, iron-oxidizing bacteria, acidophilic bacteria, AMD, bioleaching

H. Lee

D. Lesbarrères - amphibians, ecological and population genetics, evolutionary ecology

J.D. Litzgus - evolutionary ecology, herpetology, conservation biology

B. Lyons

D.A. MacLean

F.F. Mallory - mammalian predator/prey systems, arctic/boreal/tropical ecology, animal behaviour

M.L. Martínez-Garcia - animal physiology, metabolism, hypoxia, fish development

T.J.S. Merritt

E.J. Naranjo-Piñera

S.M. Nasserulla – plant taxonomy and physiology, stressed terrestrial ecosystems

K.K. Nkongolo - plant and human genetics

P. Nosko

A. Omri

A. Parissenti

G.H. Parker - wildlife parasites, epidemiology, physiological responses and adaptations

B. Paul

M.A. Persinger - neuroscience

G. Pyle

C.W. Ramcharan - aquatic ecology, food web structure, acid precipitation and recovery

A. Ratiarson - molecular biology of oncogenic viruses

L.A. Renecker

S. Ritz

J.-F. Robitaille - forest ecology, habitat ecology, furbearer ecology, Mustelids, landscape ecology

G.M. Ross

P. Ryser - plant environmental adaptation, biomass turnover, leaf and root life span

M. Saleh – protein secretion in microbial ecology

J. Schaefer

B. Schamp

A. Schulte-Hostedde - behavioural ecology, ecological genetics, evolution, sexual selection, vertebrates

J.D. Shorthouse - gall insects communities, gall development

G. A. Spiers

L. Sutherland

T.C. Tai

Z. Vohkiwa

N.D. Yan

Support Financier

All graduate students are eligible for a graduate student stipend that consists of a graduate teaching assistantship, a summer fellowship and financial support from the supervisor. Students are encouraged to apply for NSERC scholarships and Ontario Graduate Scholarships.

Admissions et enquêtes Department of Biology
Laurentian University
935 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury, Ontario P3E 3C6
Téléphone: 705-675-1151 x2285
Télécopieur: 705-675-4859
Couriel: biology@laurentian.ca

Site Web: http://biology.laurentian.ca/grad/index.htm

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