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MEMBRE/ADHÉSION  ::  Répertoire des membres

Répertoire des membres

Nom Mr. Navin Asokumar
Diplômes BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences
Fonction Graduate student
Département    Biology
Établissement University of Waterloo
Addresse 105-505, Parkside Drive
Waterloo,  N2L 4X6
Téléphone 226-868-0716  
Courriel n2asokum@uwaterloo.ca  

Section Affilie Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Intérêts de recherche    I’m a master’s student interested in renewable energy sources, especially liquid biofuels. Currently I’m working with a hyperthermophilic anaerobic enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase. This enzyme has many qualities that make it a suitable industrial candidate for ethanol production, but it is sensitive oxygen. Using molecular biological techniques, I’m trying to develop more oxygen tolerant form of the enzyme.

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CSM-SCM Secretariat
17 Dossetter Way
Ottawa, ON K1G 4S3

Tel: (613) 421-7229

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