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MEMBRE/ADHÉSION  ::  Répertoire des membres

Répertoire des membres

Nom Ms. Hibah Alattas
Diplômes PharmD., MSc.
Fonction Pharmacy PhD candidate
Département    Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Science
Établissement Pharmacy School, University of Waterloo
Addresse 10 Victoria St., Waterloo, ON
Kitchener/Waterloo,  N2G 1C5
Téléphone 519-8884567  
Courriel h3alattas@uwaterloo.ca  

Section Affilie Molecular Genetics and Cellular Microbiology
Intérêts de recherche    lambda and T4rII phage growth cycles and infection, stationary phase and E.coli membrane proteins interactions and responses to infection. elucidation the mechanism of lambda Rex phenotype. E. coli lambda lysogen and cellular osmotic balance and the onset of stationary phase. prokaryotic exclusion system and control mechanisms and study and identify key non-essential host genes involved in this enigmatic exclusion system. the genetic behind these complex multi factorial systems.

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