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MEMBRE/ADHÉSION  ::  Répertoire des membres

Répertoire des membres

Nom Mr. Joshua Arias
Diplômes Bachelor's of Science, Honours Microbiology
Fonction Graduate Student
Département    School of Environmental Science
Établissement University of Guelph
Addresse 120 Main Street East
Ridgetown,  N0P2C0
Téléphone 4168732780  
Courriel jarias@mail.uoguelph.ca  

Section Affilie Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Intérêts de recherche    Developing and implementing novel biosecure disposal methods for routine and emergency management of poultry mortalities on Ontario provincial poultry farms, while exploring renewable energy production from biogas production. Managing animal mortalities and associated health risks, food safety in the farm-to-fork continuum, regulate and implementing technologies into the Ontario provincial regulatory framework.

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CSM-SCM Secretariat
17 Dossetter Way
Ottawa, ON K1G 4S3

Tel: (613) 421-7229

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