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MEMBRE/ADHÉSION  ::  Répertoire des membres

Répertoire des membres

Nom Dr. Kawther Aabed
Diplômes PhD
Fonction Full Professor
Département    Biology, Faculty of Science
Établissement University Princess Nora Bent AbdulRahman,Riyadh ,KSA
Addresse 755 York mills, road
apt 1102
Toronto,  M3B1X5
Téléphone 6132193005  
Courriel dr.kaabed@gmail.com  

Section Affilie Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Intérêts de recherche    Extensive experience in teaching and supervising undergraduate students in microbiology faculty. Proven research experience with the ability to analyze soil bacteria, determine environmental pollution and biodegradation of crude oil. The primary research interest is environmental pollution; and current research focuses on microbiomes in natural systems, applications of molecular and isotopic tools in environmental microbiology, in addition to nanoparticles and antimicrobial activity.

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