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Please Note:  Guidelines are currently being reviewed and will be updated soon with revisions and french translations.

Canadian Graduate Student Microbiologist of the Year
(Guidelines as of January 1st, 2002)

First awarded in 1997, the Canadian Graduate Student Microbiologist of the Year Award is the premier annual CSM Award made for excellence in graduate studies. The Award currently consists of an etched glass plaque incorporating a quality gold coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. In addition, the Award covers travel, accommodation and registration of the winner to the annual meeting of the society. Commendation Certificates are awarded to three runner-up entrants and Certificates of Recognition to all of the university nominees.

SPONSOR Dr. John Langstaff,
President, Cangene Corporation,
104 Chancellor Matheson Road
Winnipeg, MB R3T 5Y3.
Tel: (204) 989-6850
Fax: (204) 269-7003
SEPT 1. The President of the CSM will appoint (or re-appoint) a member of the Society to act as coordinator of activities related to the Canadian Graduate Student of the Year competition. Secretariat will forward a copy of the prior years final report.
OCT 2. Letter to Sponsor introducing the coordinator for the year, update them on the status of the award, members of the international committee and requesting they support the award.
NOV 3. The coordinator will appoint members to the International Scientific Committee and act as non-voting chair of the committee. The coordinator is responsible for appointing an International Scientific Committee of high profile microbiologists who will evaluate the nominations and select the graduate student of the year.
4. The coordinator will arrange for a Call for Nominations notice (ADVERTISING POSTER PLUS 4 PAGE APPLICATION FORM) to be sent out to university chairs, faculty and graduate student representatives in December. The nomination form consists of components provided by the graduate student nominee and a component provided by the nominating university. The deadline for receipt of completed nominations is end of January.
JAN 5. Submission of nominations. Only one nomination is permitted from each university. Where more than one nomination is received, the coordinator will rank the submissions and accept the highest ranking submission as the nomination for that university. Note the secretariat will send a request to all faculty reps for indications on who is submitting for the current year.
FEB 15 6. The coordinator will arrange to send out a book containing the university nominations to members of the International Scientific Committee by February 15th, together with an evaluation form requesting them to rank the nominations, rate them as outstanding or excellent and provide positive supporting comments.

Invoice of Cangene for Award Funds to be done by Secretariat if not done already.
MAR 15 7. The International Scientific Committee should return the evaluations to the coordinator by March 15th. The coordinator collates the ranking and rating information and prepares a summary sheet with aggregate ranking and rating information.
  8. An accompanying memorandum to all members of the International Scientific Committee should indicate the proposed winner and runners-up and request the approval of each committee member.
MAR 30 9. Notification of awards. Following receipt of majority approval for the recommendations by the International Scientific Committee, the coordinator (or the President) will immediately notify the winner and runners-up and send letters to:
a) All of the nominees and the nominating universities regarding the result; include
Commendation Certificates for the three runners-up and Certificate of
Recognition to all university nominees - note that the winner will receive their
certificate and award at the AGM;
b) Report to members of the Executive;
c) Send thank you letters to members of the International Scientific Committee;
d) Report the result to Cangene Corporation.
APR 1 10. The coordinator should prepare a citation of the winner to be included in the Meetings Program and Abstract describing their research program and career, perhaps some comments from the International Scientific Committee and their symposium topic for the annual meeting. A photograph of the winner should be included with this material in the Meeting Program and Abstract.
APR 15 11. The coordinator will arrange (through the Secretariat) to order the gold coin from the Mint and the glass award from Prestige. Engraving, etc. will be done once the name of the winner is known. If possible, the etched glass award and gold coin should be prepared and presented to the winner at the banquet at the annual meeting. The coordinator should chair the symposium presentation of the award winner. A
photograph of the presentation and the award should be taken.
JUN/JUL 12. Travel claim of the nominee to be paid by the Secretariat.
13. A report of the competition, including nominations, deliberations of the International Scientific Committee and the results, should be submitted to CSM and Cangene corporation for the record. (Include photographs - sample of report on file with Secretariat).
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CSM-SCM Secretariat
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