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IUMS 2020
October 12, 2020 - October 16, 2020

Daejeon, Korea


The IUMS 2020 Daejeon, Korea incorporates three major international congresses: the 16th International Congress of Bacteriology and Applied Microbiology, the 16th International Congress of Mycology and Eukaryotic Microbiology and the 18th International Congress of Virology. These separate congresses will be connecting each other with all current issues and different topics of microbiology in the Bridging Sessions.

This event will be truly an international arena for the exchange of knowledge and ideas among professionals from academia, clinical practice, industry and research institutions to foster cross-discipline collaboration in the spirit of sharing. The knowledge, information and experience will be shared by participants to make the events the largest and most comprehensive gathering of global microbiological community.

Newsletter Link: https://www.iums2020.org/newsletter/mail_200416.html

Please visit to the IUMS 2020 Congress official website for more information and do not hesitate to contact the IUMS 2020 Daejeon, Korea Secretariat if you have any inquiries.

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