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Registration and Program Announcement: The 9th Canadian Science Policy Conference, CSPC 2017!
November 1, 2017 - November 3, 2017



The 9th Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC 2017) will be held November 1-3 in Ottawa and will celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary, with discussion of the past achievements in science and innovation as well as the perspective on the next 50 years. Past conferences have generated considerable enthusiasm from the scientific research community, and we believe this conference will be of interest to your network.

The Canadian Science Policy Centre (CSPC) is a non-partisan, national forum where professionals from industry, academia, non-profit organizations, and science-based governmental departments meet to discuss the science policy issues of the day and propose appropriate action. You can learn more about this year’s conference at http://cspc2017.ca.

Join us for the GALA DINNER Celebrating 150 years of Canadian Achievement in Science and Innovation In addition to a lecture by Dr. Niel Turok, Director of Perimeter ....

We would be grateful if you could circulate the CSPC 2017 program and registration announcement through your network, and this can be done in one of the following ways:

· Your Newsletter/Emailing
· Social Media: (Twitter: @sciencepolicy; Facebook: @canadiansciencepolicy; #CSPC2017),
· Your Website (by including a link to http://cspc2017.ca

I have included a brief promotional blurb (in English and French) about CSPC 2017 at the end of this email. Your help is very much appreciated and we will recognize your organization as a Community Friend of CSPC 2017 and commit to acknowledge you:

· on the CSPC 2017 website,
· in a few newsletters and,
· in the CSPC 2017 conference program book.
For a full list of CSPC 2017 Community Friends please follow this link.

We sincerely hope that members of your organization will join us for this year’s exciting conference in Ottawa.

Best wishes,
Rebecca Solomon, PhD
CSPC 2017 Outreach Committee Member

Promotional blurb:

Registration and Program Announcement: The 9th Canadian Science Policy Conference, CSPC 2017!

The 9th Canadian Science Policy Conference, CSPC 2017, will take place November 1 - 3 at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa. This year’s motto is "150 Years of Canadian Science and Innovation – How do we forge ahead?" CSPC 2017 features over 200 confirmed speakers, 30 panel sessions, a Gala Dinner in celebration of 150 years of Canadian science achievements, and 4 pre-conference symposia: http://cspc2017.ca. Register for CSPC 2017 by September 3rd to receive the SuperSaver rates.

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