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Career Opportunities

May 31, 2018
Fellowships and Graduate Student Opportunities

Employer: University of Saskatchewan, Department of Food and Bioproduct Sciences
Location: Saskatoon, SK
Closing Date: July 31, 2018

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Job Description

M.Sc. Degree opportunity in Applied Microbiology

Area: Metatranscriptomics of Sulfur Oxidizing Bacterial Consortia in Soil

A Master’s of Science position is available immediately for  work on a project focusing on microbial sulfur oxidation processes for enhanced sulfur uptake by plants. Sulfur deficiency in soil is becoming increasingly common in Canadian prairie regions, and oilseeds, and particularly canola, have a higher S-requirement than cereal crops. The commercial demand for canola, along with increasing crop yields, causes a further depletion of bioavailable sulfur in these regions. Chemical oxidation of elemental sulfur into a plant-available form (SO42-) occurs slowly, thus S-limited soils may require direct application of sulfate fertilizers in order to maximize yields. Microorganisms that promote sulfur fertilizer oxidation through the various oxidation states to sulfate accordingly have  potential biotechnical application in agronomic systems, and are the focus of this degree opportunity.

Accordingly, the successful candidate will employ transcriptomic/metatranscriptomic molecular techniques, in concert with chemical sulfur oxidation assays, to delineate sulfur oxidation pathways/potential of organisms of commercial importance. Application and use of bioinformatics tools and algorithms, as well as experience working with model systems, will be an asset. Applicants will be considered that ideally: have a B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree in microbiology/geomicrobiology along with hands-on experience in biotechnology and molecular techniques, possess a strong interest in microbial ecology, have excellent oral and written communications skills, have a publication record, and are eligible and competitive for national and regional scholarship support. Working in close-collaboration with the industrial sponsor, the student will gain industrially-relevant theoretical knowledge and hands-on expertise for employment in the rapidly-evolving field of biologics, and particular, for microbially-enhanced plant growth promotion.

Funding for this opportunity is provided by Lallemand Plant Care in conjunction with NSERC-CRD, and will be housed at the University of Saskatchewan (Dr. Darren Korber). Salary is $18,000/yr over 3 years. 

Application Instructions

Send your Curriculum vitae, transcripts, recent publications, and a covering letter stating how your background and qualifications match the position to:

Department of Food and Bioproduct Sciences
University of Saskatchewan
51 Campus Drive, 4E16
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 5A8
Attn: Dr. Darren Korber 

For Further Information contact Dr. Darren Korber at darren.korber@usask.ca (ph. 306-966-7786) or Dr. Chris Yost (Chris.Yost@uregina.ca)

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