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STUDENTS  ::  Studying Microbiology in Canada

Studying Microbiology in Canada

Concordia University

Department Biology

Overview The Division of Research and Graduate Studies:

- Assists researchers in identifying funding sources and in preparing, submitting and administering research grant applications and contracts
- Provides financial support to graduate students

Awards and scholarships available to graduate students at Acadia are:

- Geldart Milner Memorial Scholarship
- IUGB Wildlife Research Award
- Deacon George Thomas
- Dr. J. Murray Beardsley (2)
- Alden B. Dawson (1-2)
- Dr. Muriel Roscoe Memorial
- Harry E. Felch
- Robie Tufts Research Scholarship

Research Facilities The Department has extensive animal and human research facilities that are supported by the University and numerous granting agencies. Currently, departmental faculty members attain about 2.4 million dollars annually in external funding to support their research. Because of such high levels of funding, laboratories within the Department provide faculty and students with an excellent environment for conducting their research. Research laboratories are well-equipped, with ample computing facilities at both the local network and the university-wide levels.

List of Faculty P.J. Albert - Insect Physiology and Behaviour

C. Bachewich – Cell cycle regulation of differentiation and virulence in Candida albicans

G. Brown – Aquatic Behavioural and Chemical Ecology

S. Dayanandan – Forest and Evolutionary Genomics

E. Despland – Behaviour in plant-insect interactions

J. Grant – The behaviour and ecology of competitive aggression

P. Gulick – Plant responses to Stresses and Pathogens

M.B. Herrington – Folate Metabolism in Escherichia coli

D. Hickey – Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics

R. Ibrahim – Flavonol methyltransferases

J. A. Kornblatt – Biophysics of interactions between water and biological macromolecules

E.J. Maly – Population Ecology

B.S. Mangat – Plant Cell Biology and Physiology

V. Martin – Microbial engineering and genomics

J.D. Mclaughlin – Ecology, biology, pathogenesis and systematics of waterfowl parasites

E.B. Newman – Gene Expression and its regulation

S.M. Ruby

R.K. Storms – Gene Regulation, Functional Genomics, and Industrial Biotechnology

V. Titorenko – Peroxisome Biogenesis, Mechanisms of Aging, Mechanisms of Development

A. Tsang – Gene Regulation, Functional Genomics, and Industrial Biotechnology

L. Varin – Plant Sulfotransferases, Department Chair

P. Widden – Ecology of of fungal communities in forest ecosystems

W. Zerges – Chloroplast Biogenesis

Financial Support Available Financial assistance is available for qualified candidates, on a competitive basis, in the form of teaching assistantships, university scholarships, fellowships, research grant stipends or bursaries, that provide a minimum of $12,000 CDN. For scholarships and
fellowships, candidates should write to the School of Graduate Studies for application submissions is December 1. Qualified students are also encouraged to apply for Natural Science and Engineering Research council fellowships and Quebec residents for FCAR.

Admissions and Enquiries Graduate Program Secretary
Ms. Julia Boyko
Department of Biology
Concordia University
7141 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec H4B 1R6

Email: jboyko@alcor.concordia.ca

Web: http://artsandscience.concordia.ca/biology/

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