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Studying Microbiology in Canada

University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)

Department Applied Bioscience Graduate Program


The Applied Bioscience Graduate Program fosters a multidisciplinary training environment at the interface between chemistry and biology. Several of our faculty at UOIT are leading experts in the field of Microbiology. The Faculty of Science, with no traditional departments, exposes students to interdisciplinary research, allowing them to gain experience working successfully within collaborative networks. The graduate programs equip students with a wide array of both practical and conceptual scientific skills that prepares them for leadership roles in the life sciences. At UOIT, we offer both MSc and PhD degrees in Applied Bioscience.

Research Facilities

We have acquired several facilities and equipment by both the Provincial and Federal Governments have provided state-of-the-art facilities for research in Applied Bioscience. Research facilities include: cell culture facilities, nuclear magnetic resonance, spectroscopy laboratories, analytical chemistry facilities. Faculty members have equipment in state-of-the art laboratories which are supported and maintained through external and internal funding. More information is located on the webpage.

List of Faculty • Dr. Dario Bonetta: Mechanisms of polysaccharide biosynthesis and cell wall integrity in Arabidopsis and microorganisms; bio-based materials for creation of fuels and fibers.
• Dr. Jean-Paul Desaulniers: Nucleic acid chemistry; gene silencing; peptidomimetics; protein biochemistry.
• Dr. E. Bradley Easton: Biosensors based on ceramic carbon electrodes (CCE).
• Dr. Shari Forbes (Tier II Canada Research Chair in Decomposition Chemistry): Decomposition chemistry in soft tissue degradation, with applications in both forensics and food science.
• Dr. Sean Forrester: Genomic, molecular and physiological investigation of neurotransmitter receptors in parasitic nematodes.
• Dr. Julia Green-Johnson: Effects of gut microbes and food components on the immune system.
• Dr. Douglas Holdway (Tier 1 CRC Chair in Aquatic Toxicology): Impacts of contaminant pulse exposure on aquatic organisms; development and use of biomarkers in monitoring fish population health.
• Dr. Holly Jones-Taggart: Cellular and molecular biology, environmental and cancer biology.
• Dr Andrea Kirkwood: Microbial diversity and function in aquatic ecosystems.
• Dr. Ayush Kumar: Multi-drug resistance in bacteria.
• Dr. Helene LeBlanc: Forensic entomology
• Dr. Bernadette Murphy: Sensorimotor integration, motor control, chronic musculoskeletal pain.
• Dr. Krisztina Paal: Ligand-protein interactions, targeted drug delivery.
• Dr. Kevin Power: Motoneurone excitability and adaptions; muscle contraction
• Dr. John Samis: Protease biochemistry, blood coagulation, inflammation, and acquired blood disorders.
• Dr. Otto Sanchez: Experimental Pathology, environment and cancer biology
• Dr. Janice Strap: Microbial interactions, genomics and proteomics.
• Dr. Paul Yielder: Cortical asymmetry, motor control, medical imaging.

Financial Support Available

We offer competitive financial support packages for our students. The graduate stipend is designed to cover the costs of tuition and living expenses. Oshawa is an affordable community approximately 45 minutes east of Toronto. In addition, our Graduate School offers several internal scholarships for eligible students. All full-time students who are accepted into the Applied Bioscience Graduate Program are awarded a graduate stipend in the form of either a Teaching Assistantship, a Graduate Research Assistantship, and/or internal or external scholarships. For example, several of our students secure external funding through government agencies such as National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS), and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR). More information about these external scholarships is available from the School of Graduate Studies.

Admissions and Enquiries Victoria Pearce
Program Assistant for the Applied Bioscience Graduate Program
UA Science Building
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
2000 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, OntarioL1H 7K4 Canada
Phone: (905) 721-8668 x 3754
Email: gradsecretary@science.uoit.ca

Web: http://www.science.uoit.ca/graduate/applied_bioscience/index.php

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