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Studying Microbiology in Canada

McGill University

Department Microbiology & Immunology

Overview The Department offers graduate programs leading to the degrees of MSc, MSc (applied) and PhD in the fields of cellular and molecular immunology, microbial physiology and genetics, molecular biology of viruses, and medical microbiology.

Currently, close to 60 microbiology and immunology graduate students are enrolled in the Department, working to further expand current scientific knowledge in the fields of cellular and molecular immunology, microbial physiology and genetics, molecular biology of viruses, and medical microbiology. We also foster close ties with hospitals and research centres across Montreal to favour multidisciplinary research.

Our aim is to create a strong academic environment where graduate students and postdoctoral fellows can develop into independent investigators through sound basic research.

Research Facilities In addition to labs and other resources at the service of particular research groups, McGill University researchers have access to a large number of research facilities on both campuses, as well as a number of off-campus field stations. McGill also houses some inter-institutional research facilities.

McGill Research Centres include:

- Centre for Studies in Aging (MCSA)
- McGill AIDS Centre
- Artificial Cells and Organs Research Centre
- Avian Science and Conservation Centre (ASCC)
- McGill Centre for Bioinformatics Research
- McGill Cancer Centre (MCC)
- Centre for Host-Parasite Interactions
- Centre for the Study of Host Resistance
- Centre for Tropical Diseases

There are also many other facilities/centres which are available to students from other faculties.

List of Faculty Zafer Ali-Khan - Biology and pathogenesis of Alzheimer's-type and reactive amyloidosis

Jack Antel - Immune regulation and brain-immune interactions, autoimunity and multiple sclerosis

Malcolm G. Baines - Immunology of Reproduction, Cancer Immunology, Molecular Immunology

Amit Bar-Or - Memory B cells and T cells; Co-stimulation; Autoimmune Diseases; Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Marcel Behr - Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases

Albert Berguis - Development of antimicrobials, antibiotic resistance, crystallography

Dalius J. Briedis - Molecular biology and pathogenesis of measles virus infection

Nicholas V. Christou - Polymorphonuclear Neutrophil-Endothelial Interactions in Sepsis

James W. Coulton - Molecular biology of membrane proteins

Benoit Cousineau - Mechanisms and applications of group II intron mobility; Evolution of mobile group II introns

André Dascal - Rapid viral and bacterial identification, antimicrobial susceptibility testing, cost effective diagnostic microbiology

Vibhuti Dave - Mechanism of T cell development and function using transgenic and knockout mice

Albert Descoteaux - Macrophage activation; Leishmania-macrophage interaction

Gaétan Faubert - Immunology, Parasitology, Host-parasite relationship, Waterborne diseases, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, DNA vaccines, Gut immunology, Cell biology

Sylvie Fournier - Role of the B7/CD28/CTLA-4 costimulatory system in the maintenance of lymphocyte homeostasis and the development of autoimmunity

Anne Gatignol - Virus-Cell Interactions in the Regulation of HIV Expression

Matthias Götte - HIV plus-strand DNA synthesis and primer removal

Samantha Gruenheid - Host/pathogen interactions, Bacterial pathogenesis

Elias Haddad - Cellular and Molecular Immunology, Cell Biology, HIV pathogenesis

John Hiscott - Transcriptional control of cytokine and chemokine gene expression during human retrovirus pathogenesis

Sabah Hussain - Nitric Oxide Biology, Reactive Oxygen Species, NADPH oxidase, Angiogenesis, Apoptosis Vascular Biology

Armando Jardim - Molecular Mechanism of Involved in Targeting and Import of Proteins
into Glycosomes

Taff (David) Jones - Development of Mucosal Vaccines against Respiratory Pathogens
Lawrence Kleiman - HIV-1 assembly, incorporation, genomic placement and function of the primer for HIV reverse transcriptase, tRNAlys3

Antonis Koromilas - Cytokine signaling, genotoxic and endoplasmic reticulum stress, virus infection, tumor suppressor genes, viral-mediated oncogenesis, gene transcription and translation, protein phosphorylation

Arnold Kristof - Molecular Mechanisms of Pulmonary Inflammation

George Kukolj - Hepatitis C Virus; drug discovery

Peter C.K. Lau - Molecular Genetics of Biodegradation and Gene Technology

Chen Liang - Viral and cellular factors involved in HIV-1 assembly

Shan-Lu Liu – Virology and Gene Therapy

Vivian Loo – Medical microbiology

Andrew Makrigiannis - Role of Class I MHC Receptors in Innate Immunity Mediated by Natural Killer Cells

Gregory T. Marczynski - Cell cycle and developmental control of chromosomal replication

Greg Matlashewski - Human papillomavirus and cervical cancer; Human Leishmania infection

Jack Mendelson - Use of cyokines and herpes vaccines in infectious diseases, diagnostic microbiological techniques, clinical trials, antibiotics

Mark Miller - Infectious Diseases

Hervé Le Moual - Signal Transduction by Two-component Regulatory Systems

Andrew J. Mouland - Molecular biology of HIV-1 and other retroviruses; Viral gene expression, post-transcriptional regulation and assembly

Robert A. Murgita - Immunology

Jay Nadeau - Gene transfer, fluorescent labeling, nanoparticles

Marianna M. Newkirk

Martin Olivier - Immune evasion by parasites; Leishmania topoisomerase and apoptosis

Roger G.E. Palfree - Cell surface proteins and soluble peptides in defence and development

Kostas Pantopoulos - Mammalian iron homeostasis control mechanisms

Arnim Pause – Molecular oncology

Ciro Piccirillo - Immunoregulation of autoimmune and infectious diseases

Joyce Rauch - Immunochemical reactivities and induction of autoantibodies, autoimmunity, and system lupus erythematosus

Paula Ribeiro - Parasitology

Stephane Richard - RNA metabolism, signal transduction, cancer and multiple sclerosis

Clément R. Rioux - Molecular biology, recombinant subunit vaccines, bacterial pathogens, allergens

Rafick-Pierre Sékaly - Molecular interactions between surface molecules involved in T-cell activation

Don Sheppard – Molecular Mycology

Terry W. Spithill - Molecular biology, immunology and proteomics of Malaria and Fasciola parasites
Christos Tsoukas

Bernard Turcotte - Regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes

Silvia Vidal – Microbial physiology / genetics

Mark Wainberg - HIV reverse transcriptase; molecular basis for drug resistance; gene therapy

Brian J. Ward - Immunology and immunopathology of vaccines; Nutrition, immunity and infectious diseases

Financial Support Available There are different ways to finance graduate studies at McGill University. A graduate student can:

- win a fellowship from an external granting agency;
- win an internal McGill graduate fellowship;
- win a McGill departmental or faculty award;
- obtain a stipend from their supervisor's research grant or contract;
- receive funding in the form of loans and bursaries from the federal or provincial government;
- receive a differential fee waiver for the international fee supplement.

In 2003-04, graduate students received over $6 million in McGill fellowships and $5 million in salaries. They also attracted approximately $14 million in fellowship funding from Canadian and Quebec government sources, as well as $1.4 million in differential fee waivers for international students from the Quebec government. Over $23 million from research grants and contracts was devoted to graduate student support. Preliminary estimates indicate that over $4 million in fellowships was obtained through other external sources.

Admissions and Enquiries Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Duff Medical Building, Room 511
3775 University Street
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2B4

Phone: 514-398-3912
Fax: 514-398-7052
Email: office.microimm@mcgill.ca

Graduate Admissions
Email: graduate.admissions@mcgill.ca

Web: http://www.mcgill.ca/microimm/

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