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STUDENTS  ::  Studying Microbiology in Canada

Studying Microbiology in Canada

University of Guelph

Department Molecular and Cellular Biology


The Molecular and Cellular Biology graduate program offers thesis-based MSc and PhD degrees. An option for direct entry of highly qualified B.Sc. students into the Ph.D. program is available. The program currently offers the following areas of specialization: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Plant Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics. Faculty in the Department also contribute to the interdepartmental programs in Biophysics (MSc and PhD) and Bioinformatics (course-work MSc), as well as the collaborative MSc and PhD programs in Neuroscience and Toxicology.



Research Facilities

The research and teaching laboratories of the Department are located in the Science Complex, which was completed in 2007. The research laboratories are all well-equipped for contemporary work in microbiology and the broader molecular biosciences. Several equipment rooms contain larger items of shared equipment, which are maintained by the Department. The Science Complex also houses critical institutional core facilities including: Genomics, Mass Spectrometry Molecular and Cellular Imaging (electron and confocal microscopy), NMR, Phytotron, and X-Ray Diffraction and Scattering.

List of Faculty Akhtar, Tariq - Assistant Professor
(plant metabolism and secondary metabolites)

Allen-Vercoe, Emma - Associate Professor
(microbial ecology of the gut)

Bag, Jnanankur - Professor
(molecular machinery involved in mRNA)

Baker, Mark - Professor
(homologous recombination in mammalian cells)

Bendall, Andrew- Associate Professor and Graduate Studies Coordinator
(molecular biology of vertebrate development)

Brauer, Manfred - Associate Professor
(NMR spectroscopy and imaging of biological systems)

Clarke, Anthony - Professor, Assistant VP (Graduate Studies & Program Quality Assurance)
(carbohydrases, amino acids, enzymes)

Colasanti, Joseph - Associate Professor
(developmental signalling in plants)

Coppolino, Marc - Associate Professor
(membrane traffic, control of integrin function, cellular motility)

Dawson, John - Professor
(muscle proteins)

Emes, Michael - Professor & Dean, College of Biological Science
(plant metabolism)

Graether, Steffen- Associate Professor
(protein NMR structure, protein/ligand interactions)

Harauz, George - Professor, Canada Research Chair
(protein structure and characterization in multiple sclerosis (MS))

Jones, Nina - Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair
(signaling events in mammalian development and disease)

Josephy, David - Professor
(biochemical toxicology, molecular toxicology)

Kaushik, Azad - Associate Professor

Khursigara, Cezar - Assistant Professor
(high-resolution imaging, cell division, bacterial biofilms)

Kimber, Matthew - Associate Professor
(macromolecular crystallography)

Krell, Peter - Professor

Lam, Joseph - Professor, Canada Research Chair
(pathogens and lung infections, cystic fibrosis)

Lu, Ray - Associate Professor
(cell signaling, animal stress response, herpesvirus-cell interaction)

Mathur, Jaideep - Associate Professor
(plant cell biology and development, cytoskeleton, subcellular interactions)

Meng, Baozhong - Associate Professor
(plant virology, molecular and cellular biology of RNA viruses, virus-host interactions)

Merrill, Rod - Professor
(protein structure & function, bacterial toxins)

Mosser, Richard - Associate Professor
(cellular response to stress, heat shock proteins, regulation of apoptotic signaling pathways)

Mullen, Robert - Department Chair, Professor, University Research Chair
(plant cell and molecular biology, plant organelle biogenesis)

Mutharia, Lucy - Associate Professor
(mycobacterium paratuberculosis, causes of Johne's disease or paratuberculosis)

Nassuth, Annette - Associate Professor
(plant stress tolerance)

Rothstein, Steven - Professor, University Research Chair
(plant metabolism and nitrogen use)

Ryan, Scott - Assistant Professor
(cytoskeletal dynamics in neural development and disease)

Seah, Stephen - Associate Professor
(iron acquisition systems in microbial pathogens, enzymes for bioremediation)

Stevenson, Roselynn - Professor
(microbial diseases of fish)

Tetlow, Ian - Associate Professor
(plant metabolism)

Uniacke, Jim - Assistant Professor
(translation during hypoxic stress)

Van der Merwe, George - Associate Professor
(fermentation, wine yeasts)

Van Raay, Terry - Assistant Professor
(regulation of Wnt signaling, cellular polarity, zebrafish)

Vessey, John - Assistant Professor
(RNA localization in neural precursor cells)

Whitfield, Chris - Professor, Canada Research Chair
(prokaryotic glycobiology, cell-surface assembly in bacterial pathogens)

Wood, Janet - Professor
(bacterial stress responses, regulation of membrane transport)

Yankulov, Krassimir - Associate Professor
(regulation of gene promoters in DNA replication)

Financial Support Available

Students in the Molecular and Cellular Biology graduate program are supported through a combination of sources. These include national scholarships (including NSERC, CIHR and various health foundations), provincial awards (Ontario Graduate Scholarships, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs), faculty research grants, and graduate teaching assistantships. Minimal stipends for MSc students are $19,500 and $21,500 for PhD students (2014-15). Tricouncil award recipients are awarded an additional $5,000 scholarship from the University.

Admissions and Enquiries Microbiology Graduate Coordinator
Graduate Coordinator (Dr. Andrew Bendall)
Graduate Secretary (Ms. Carol Schlaht)
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Science Complex
University of Guelph
50 Stone Road E
Ontario N1G 2W1

Phone: 1-519-824-4120 ext. 53815
Email: mcbgrad@uoguelph.ca

Web: http://mcb.cbs.uoguelph.ca/

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