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Student Events Reports

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Thanks to the award, I had the chance to visit the Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) and the Université de Sherbrooke (UdeS). 

At MUN, I presented a 1-hour lunch seminar on October 5th. Approximately 30 people attended my talk "A multidisciplinary approach to investigate phage-encoded proteins". I met with Andrew Lang, Dawn Bignell, Kapil Tahlan and members of their respective lab. Emilie Novaczek, a Ph.D. candidate and seminar coordinator, helped me plan the day. We also went for a beer on campus with some members of the biology department.

At UdeS, I presented the same 1-hour talk "Une approche multidisciplinaire pour l’étude des gènes de phages virulents" on November 22nd, but this time in French. There were approximately 60 attendees. Vincent Burrus helped me plan my day in Sherbrooke. I met with him, with François Malouin, Daniel Lafontaine, Romain Durand and Sébastien Rodrigue. I had lunch with graduate students from the department of biology and dinner with Vincent, Sébastien, and the two graduate students Évelyne Lacasse (my former intern at Université Laval, and now friend) and Guillaume Millette.

It was a rewarding experience to visit both Universities and to meet with many Canadian microbiologists with different expertise. I had an amazing time visiting the two Universities and I am grateful for all the stimulating discussions.

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