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Student Events Reports

Carrefour de la recherche en science de la vie 2018
Université Laval
March 20th 2018

The Carrefour happened as planned on March 20th 2018 and consisted on a lecture given by science vulgarization specialist Olivier Bernard (also known as the Phamafist). After that, the poster presentation session began where 12 undergraduate students in the microbiology and biochemistry programs presented their summer research project. These students were evaluated on the quality of their presentation and 3 prizes were awarded: 1st prize to Pamela Morissette, 2nd to Faïna Bergeron-Poliakova and 3rd to Felix Croteau (all microbiology students). A public’s prize was also awarded to Nadine Morin and the Association des Microbiologistes du Québec (AMQ) offered annual memberships to Nathan Dumont-Leblond and Audrey Sergerie.

Over 50 people were in attendance at the event and amongst these students of both undergraduate and graduate level as well as faculty members, research professionals and members of the general public. Drinks were offered by Microbroue, a student brewery project involving microbiology undergraduate student here at Université Laval. It is also worth noting that the even was held in accordance to Université Laval’s handbook for environmentally responsible events. Regarding the finances of the even, with the help of the CSM’s generous contribution (amongst other sponsors) we managed to cover all our expenses. We have attached some pictures of the event below.

The presentation at the beginning 

Olivier Bernard a.k.a the Pharmafist, invited speaker

The lunch before the poster presentation session

The organization team, from left to right: François Rouleau, Catherine Marois and Camille Gagnon


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