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Meet the Microbiologist

Meet The Microbiologist

We are always faced with health challenges related to infectious disease, old, emerging, or re-emerging diseases. Fundamental to effectively deal with these diseases is to understand how these infectious microorganisms interact with their hosts. The host, as the environment for the pathogen, often reacts with complex but predictable outcomes. Several research programs were carried out in relation to interaction of bacteria with their environments in both pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria. In non-pathogenic bacteria, bioinformatics was used to address certain questions on the process of protein secretion in bacteria. Specifically, how the structural features of signal sequences direct the membrane translocation of signal sequence-containing secretory proteins. In terms of other aspects of bacterial protein secretion (relevant to pathogenesis), my research group is interested in the secretion mechanisms and characterization of bacterial extracellular polypeptides. My group is involved in several projects at the present time to include work with RNA-binding proteins and their role in protein secretion, physiological and immunological comparative studies of Streptomyces and Mycobacteria, and the cloning and characterization of a number of virulence factors of Mycobacteria, E. coli, and Streptomyces.

Mazen Saleh

My research group is currently involved in a variety of projects related to bacterial virulence and interaction of virulence factors with host factors. These include research on the fundamentals of protein secretion in bacteria, as it mediates the secretion of certain virulence factors, and the interaction of such factors with specific host receptors and the subsequent effects within the host target cell. The group utilizes a variety of experimental techniques in genomics, proteomics, protein biochemistry, and cell biology.

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