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Contact Information
Name Dr. Celine Levesque
Degrees PhD
Job Title Associate Professor, Head Oral Microbiology
Department    Oral Microbiology
Institution University of Toronto
Address Faculty of Dentistry
124 Edward St. room 454B
Toronto, ON M5G1G6
Phone 416-979-4917 x4313  
Fax 416-979-4936  
Email celine.levesque@dentistry.utoronto.ca  

Background Information
Section Affiliation Molecular Genetics and Cellular Microbiology
Research Interests    Biofilm infections profoundly affect human health and have emerged as a major health concern because of their high-level drug tolerance. My lab investigates the genetics circuits controlled by the quorum sensing peptide used by streptococci to communicate between cells within the biofilm. More specifically, we are studying how a subpopulation undergoes ''''suicide'''' as an altruistic act, and how another fraction enters a dormancy state (persister cells).

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