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Contact Information
Name Mr. Soumyaditya Ghosh
Degrees B.Sc [Hons] Microbiology, M.Sc Biotechnology, PhD Regulatory Biology [Cellular and Molecular Medicine] [ongoing]
Job Title Graduate student and Teaching Assistant
Department    Biology,Geology and Environmental Sciences
Institution Cleveland State University -Cleveland Clinic Joint Program in Regulatory Biology
Address 2901 Euclid Avenue ,University Studio Apartments, Apt #604.
Cleveland,Ohio 44115.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
Phone 2165561472  
Email s.ghosh40@vikes.csuohio.edu  

Background Information
Section Affiliation Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Research Interests    I am interested in Applied and Environmental Microbiology- to train in using metagenomic and metaproteomic approaches to understand complex microbial communities. I am particularly interested in understanding organisms or communities that have special adaptations to unique environments such as agricultural soils, extremely cold ground or water, rock-formations or industrial waste-waters.

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