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Contact Information
Name Mr. Julian Garneau
Degrees Garneau
Job Title PhD student
Department    Microbiology and Infectiology
Institution Université de Sherbrooke
Address 485 8e avenue
Quebec,  G1J 3L8
Phone 8195809715  
Email julian.garneau@usherbrooke.ca  

Background Information
Section Affiliation Molecular Genetics and Cellular Microbiology
Research Interests    My thesis project aims to study the pathogenesis and virulence factors of the pathogen Clostridium difficile. Main project focuses on performing comparative analyses of multiple whole genomes of C. difficile in order to detect potentially impactful bacteriophages. The strains used in our project are linked to patients for whom we have detailed clinical information. This will allow us to analyze the possible impact of certain genetic elements on the clinical outcomes of the infections

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