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Wai, AlvanUniversity of Manitoba 
Waldner, CherylWestern College of Veterinary Medicine 
Walker, VirginiaQueen''s University 
Wallace, RhiannonThe Australian National University 
Walsh, DavidConcordia University 
Wang, JoyceUniversity of Michigan 
Wathugala, NandunUniversity of Calgary 
Watson, DavidUniversity of Western Ontario 
Watson, TristanThe University of British Columbia 
Weadge, JoelWilfrid Laurier University 
Webb, AndrewUniversity of Manitoba 
Weber, Ann-MarieRegional Municipality of Waterloo 
Weisener, ChristopherUniversity of Windsor 
Wellawa, DineshVaccine & Infectious Disease Organization, University of Sakatchewan 
Wen, GraceUniversity of Windsor 
Westbye, AlexanderNIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research 
Whelan, FionaUniversity of Nottingham 
White, AaronUniversity of Saskatchewan 
Whitfield, ChrisUniversity of Guelph 
Whitney, JohnMcMaster University 
Whyte, LyleMcGill University 
Wiens, KaitlynUniversity of Manitoba 
Wiesel, AngelaIntegrated Explorations Inc and Grand Erie District School Board 
Wilde, JacobUniversity of Guelph 
Wilhelm, RolandCornell University 
Williams, AshleyUniversity of Regina 
Williams, DanielleUniversity of Guelph 
Wood, JanetUniversity of Guelph 
Wright, MadisonUniversity of Guelph 

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