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Palacios Chaparro, ArmandoMonterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Chihuahua Campus 
Pallegar, PurvikalyanMemorial University of Newfoundland  
Paradis-Bleau, CatherineUniversité de Montréal  
Park, AmberUniversity of Guelph 
Paschos, AthanasiosMcMaster University / Mohawk College 
Pasquale, DeannaUniversity of British Columbia Okanagan 
Patel, AnkoorUniversity of Manitoba 
Patel, BansriMcmaster University 
Patel, NikkiUniversity of Manitoba 
Patidar, RakeshUniversity of Manitoba 
Patry, RobertUniversity of Georgia 
Patten, CherylUniversity of New Brunswick 
Pearson, AngelaINRS 
Peng, LiuOttawa Research and Development Center 
Perera, SumuduUniversity of Saskatchewan 
Perez, Jason ByronDiamed Laboratory Supplies 
Perreault, JonathanINRS 
Perry, BenjaminUniversity of Otago 
Pesewu, GeorgeUniversity of Ghana 
Peters, DanielleUniversity of Alberta 
Pham, ChristineMcMaster University 
Piché-Choquette, SarahINRS-Institut Armand-Frappier 
Piercey, BrandonMemorial University of Newfoundland 
Pillai, AnupamaUniversity of British columbia 
Pletzer, DanielUniversity of British Columbia 
Poole, R. KeithQueen''''''''''''''''s University 
Potter, AndrewUniversity of Saskatchewan 
Poulain, AlexandreUniversity of Ottawa 
Poulin-Laprade, DominicAgriculture and Agri-Food Canada 
Prehna, GerdUniversity of Manitoba 

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