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Fill in the Membership Application form and Submit.
If paying by credit card, you will be taken to the PayPal site to process your payment.
You will receive a Confirmation Email once the CSM has received your application and an itemized receipt by email once your payment has been processed.
Please note that the CSM Membership expires the 1st of January of each calendar year. Membership for new members who apply in the last quarter of the calendar year will be applied to the following calendar year.
Students and Postdocs must complete all the supervisor information fields and upload a signed letter by the supervisor confirming their status prepared on university letter head. An email from the supervisor will also be accepted in lieu of the letter of affidavit.
If several members of the same lab are applying for membership, one letter or email from the supervisor listing all the undergraduate, graduate and postdoc names can be uploaded or sent.
Undergraduate students can enter their microbiology professor contact after getting the approval and upload the affidavit letter from the professor or the institute administration office confirming their status.

Contact Information
Title * Dr.    Mr.    Ms.    Mrs.
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Background Information
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Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Molecular Genetics and Cellular Microbiology
Infections & Immunity
Research Interests
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Permissions and Privacy
Do you consent to having your address used for mailings other than CSM information which are determined to be relevant to your profession? * Yes    No
Do you consent to having your information in the CSM Online Membership Directory? * Yes    No
Do you consent to receiving email messages from the CSM advising you of CSM related activities? * Yes    No

Payment Information  
Please note that GST is included in your membership fees. Your receipt will show membership fees and GST/HST paid.
All fees are quoted in Canadian dollars (GST/HST # R825240674).
Life time Emeritus membership: (10 years of membership fees) $300 provide a life time membership status for Emeritus members. Please contact CSM Secretariat Mrs. Wafaa Antonious (info@csm-scm.org) to arrange for payment and application.
Membership * One Year    Two Years
New Undergraduate Student*
(Rate is for first year of membership only)
Can. Journal Microbiology (CJM) *
No subscription     
Payment Total   $
Payment Method * Cheque   Credit Card     
Name on card
Credit card payments will be processed by PayPal (please note that PayPal accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express).

Section For Students/Postdocs Only
Title of Thesis (if applicable)
Microbiology skills and experience
(maximum of 50 words)
Other skills
(maximum of 20 words)
Career interests
Date available for employment
Supervisor Name
Supervisor Email
Supervisor Phone
Individuals applying for Student or Postdoc membership must provide a signed affidavit from their supervisor. The signed letter by the supervisor prepared on a university letter head and confirming your status as a student or Post Doc, or an image of an email confirmation from your supervisor, can be submitted as a PDF or JPEG file.

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