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Call for Abstracts

2018 CSM Conference

How to Submit Abstracts
Please retain the password you enter while registering for the conference, you will need it if you intend to submit abstract(s). Once your registration payment has been processed for the CSM Annual Conference, you will be able to submit abstract(s) logging in with your User ID and Password. You will receive an email providing you with the URL and User ID. Please note you will need these login information to go back and edit your abstract(s) any time before the abstract deadline.

An abstract must be submitted on the official abstract web form. Abstracts may be submitted, and presentations made, in either French or English. Once all abstracts have been collected, these will be available in the abstract library on the website.

Abstracts are required for all symposia speakers and for the student competitions.

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Abstract submission for this Conference is now closed.
Preparation of Abstracts
The abstract should contain a concise statement of (i) the problem under investigation, (ii) the experimental methods used, (iii) the essential results obtained, and (iv) a conclusion. Do not state, for example, that "the results will be discussed". An abstract is not a formal publication and therefore should not include literature references or grant acknowledgements, etc.

Program and Abstracts of this meeting will be prepared electronically. Abstracts will not be edited in any way. Thus, every error that appears in the submitted abstract will appear in the printed abstract. If you do not wish to have your abstract published on the web, then please check the appropriate box on the web form. Abstract text (without title) should be no longer than 3000 characters, including HTML tags.

Subject Categories
For the purpose of review and programming only, abstracts will be divided into categories. Indicate the category you have chosen.

A. Applied and Environmental Microbiology
  The scope of interests in the Applied and Environmental Microbiology section includes two large fields in microbiology. The Environmental Microbiology field includes the study of microorganisms found in soils, sediments, water and air, and their relation to each other and to humans, animals and plants. The Applied Microbiology field includes microorganisms involved in all kinds of biotechnology such as found in food science, agriculture, value-added products from biomass, waste treatment and bioremediation, pharmacology… People interested in these fields are welcome.

B. Infection and Immunity
  The scope of interests of the Infection and Immunity (II) section includes microbial pathogenesis, medical and veterinary microbiology, host-pathogen interactions, immunity to microbial infections, and the usage and development of vaccines and therapies against infectious diseases. People whose research involves the study of bacteria, viruses, and eukaryotic microbes causing infectious diseases of humans, animals, and/or plants are welcome.

C. Molecular Genetics and Cellular Microbiology
  This section encompasses all aspects of microbiology that are not commonly thought of as directly environmental or medically significant. As such the interests encompass all aspects of molecular and microbial genetics (gene to genome), physiology and biochemistry (metabolite to whole organism) that deal with the life of the organism and its interactions with its surroundings. People who feel that their interests lie within these parameters are welcome.

D. Symposium speaker
  This section is only intended for authors who have been invited by the symposia organizers as a Speaker.
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