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Your 2018 Abstracts
All of your abstracts are listed here and editable until May 11, 2018. To save your first abstract simply start filling out the form. Each time the "Next" button is clicked your abstract will save a draft.

To start a new abstract click the red "Add New Abstract" button.

Student Symposium Competition
Previous competition winners will not be allowed to participate in the upcoming student competition in the category they previously won.

Workshops / Satellite Symposia

Forum on Microbiology Education (FOME) Workshop - Monday, June 18
1:00 - 4:30 PM

Please see the abstract guidelines for the Education Workshop. Submissions are accepted by email (csmfome@gmail.com) until May 11, 2018. Please DO NOT use the CSM abstract submission site to submit proposals for this workshop or education poster presentations. Please contact Tanya Noel (tnoel@uwindsor.ca) and/or Josie Libertucci (josiel@umich.edu ) for additional information or clarification on this workshop.

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