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The Canadian Society of Microbiologists seeks to advance microbiology in all its aspects and to facilitate the interchange of ideas between microbiologists. The membership includes honorary, emeritus, ordinary, student and sustaining members.

CSM Committees
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The society is divided into three sections and is governed by a Council comprising Officers of the Society and Councilors elected from within the general membership. The Officers include the President, the First and Second Vice-Presidents, the Secretary-Treasurer and the immediate Past President. Society business is facilitated by a monthly conference call including all officers of the Society, the Meetings Secretary, a Graduate Student representative, and the CSM Secretariat.

The Council is composed of the Officers of the Society as well as the Meetings Secretary, Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons of the sections. Council meets formally once a year. A meeting of the entire membership is called once a year (Annual General Meeting), usually in June.

The CSM maintains several active committees undertaking activities in various areas. The CSM is financed by annual dues from the membership as well as from the proceeds of the Annual General Meeting or other meetings which it sponsors. It is a non-profit organization.

Representation and Interaction
At the national level with government agencies, umbrella organizations for several societies and other Canadian biological societies; at the international level with international federations with an interest in microbiology. At the academic level, the CSM has University Faculty and Student representatives.

The roles of the University Faculty Representatives are:
to obtain the nomination of a microbiology graduate student CSM representative within the university;

to encourage CSM membership within the university;
to provide CSM with information on microbiology activities within the university for the annual directory;
to organize the university's nomination for the Gold Medal - Canadian Graduate Student Microbiologist of the Year competition;
to receive pre-addressed correspondence to CSM members within the university for placement in the university internal mail system;
to liaise with the graduate student representative in promoting CSM activities among microbiology graduate students;
to convey the interests and concerns of the university's microbiology community to CSM's executive.

The roles of the University Student Representatives are:
to liaise with the university member and to publicize CSM student award competitions;

to encourage student membership in CSM;
to encourage participation of graduate students at the AGM;
to encourage input from graduate students to the activities of CSM;
to monitor progress of the internal university selection process for identifying the university's nominee for the Canadian Microbiologist of the Year Award;
to liaise with the CSM Graduate Student Executive member.

The CSM is large enough (approximately 500 members) to have its opinions sought by Federal or Provincial Governments, and other agencies and small enough that your opinion matters and your participation is valued.

Annual Conference
Held at different locations across Canada. Members are invited to present scientific reports of their own work and to participate in special symposia with invited speakers of international stature. Exhibitors are invited to display. Click here to learn more about our annual conferences.
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CSM-SCM Secretariat
17 Dossetter Way
Ottawa, ON K1G 4S3

Tel: (613) 421-7229

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