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Sessions and Invited Speakers

Keynote Speakers:

Ed Yong, science writer for the Guardian and the Atlantic.
Author of “I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life.”

Dr. Barbara Sherwood-Lollar, University of Toronto, ON
2016 NSERC John C. Polanyi award recipient; 2016 Companion to the Order of Canada.

Concurrent Sessions:

  1. Microbial diversity (Unified theme)
    Invited speaker: Dr. Jack Gilbert, University of Chicago, Chicago, USA
  2. Computational methods in microbiology (Unified theme)
    Invited speaker: Dr. Greg Gloor, University of Western Ontario, ON
  3. Microbial origins and symbioses (Unified theme)
    Invited speaker: Dr. John Archibald, Dalhousie University, NS
  4. Microorganisms and ecosystem services (AEM)
    Invited speaker: Dr. Erin Bertrand
    , Dalhousie University, NS
  5. Microbes in unusual environments (AEM)
    Invited speaker: Dr. Kelly Wrighton
    , Ohio State University, Ohio, USA
  6. Climate change microbiology (AEM)
    Invited speaker: Dr. Kathryn Cottingham
    , Dartmouth University, NS
  7. Microbial systems biology (MGCM)
    Invited speaker: Dr. Alex Ensminger,
    University of Toronto, ON
  8. Structural Biology (MGCM)
    Invited speaker: Dr. Andrew Doxey
    , University of Waterloo, ON
  9. Synthetic (micro)biology (MGCM)
    Invited speaker: Dr. Kristala Jones Prather
    , Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts, USA
  10. Viruses, Vaccination and health (I&I)
    Invited speaker: Dr. Karen Maxwell,
    University of Toronto, ON
  11. Microbial arms race: antibiotics and resistance (I&I)
    Invited speaker: Dr. Joe Harrison
    , University of Calgary, AB
  12. Epidemiology in a changing pathogen landscape (I&I)
    Invited speaker: Dr. Fiona Brinkman
    , Simon Fraser University, BC

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