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Waterloo Attractions

Park and Trails:

The City of Waterloo offers more than 150 kilometres of scenic off-road multiuse trails and bikeways (PDF) which take you through parks, woodlands, creeks corridors, the uptown core and more.

Waterloo also offers several parks and greenspaces (PDF). Waterloo Park is closest to the university, located just south of main campus. Waterloo park offers 111 acres of parkland and a wide variety of amenities including the Eby Farmstead, picnic areas and rental sports facilities.

Uptown Waterloo:

Uptown Waterloo is home to over 400 businesses as well as a vibrant public square. Uptown Waterloo offers a variety of restaurants, bars, retail services and other amenities for you to enjoy during your visit. Check the event calendar for information on festivals, concerts, markets and other events happening in the uptown area.

Waterloo has several historical walking tours. Uptown offers three self-guided historical walking tours.

  • The Lake Walk, a walk around Silver Lake and Waterloo Park (15 minutes)
  • The North Walk, a walk through Uptown Waterloo (30 minutes)
  • The South Walk, a walk through Waterloo’s old and new parks and Uptown Waterloo (20 minutes)

Nearby Attractions:

Museums and Galleries at the University of Waterloo:


Elora is a small town perched on the edge of a spectacular gorge in the heart of Southwestern Ontario. A well establish tour destination known for its beautiful scenery, outdoor activities and charming downtown area that offers one-of-a-kind shopping. The conference will cover participants transportation to Elora. Participants are responsible for activity fees.

Tube down the beautiful Elora Gorge and experience the spectacular cliffs and scenery surrounding you. You start your exciting mile long journey with thrilling chutes and you end with a claim river float to the exit.

Walk among the historical buildings that offer unique shops and restaurants. The Elora Mews offers shopping within the old limestone walls of a former 19th century furniture factory. You can window shopping from the Mews beautifully lantern-lite courtyard.

The Elora Quarry is a an old two acre limestone quarry. The quarry is surrounded by beautiful scenery including cliffs, some of which stand 40 feet high. Now part of a 79 acre conservation area, the Elora Quarry is a great place to spend those warm summer days.


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