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Past Conferences

2015 Annual Conference VIEW 

June 15-18
University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan
CSM 2015 Conference Local Organizing Committee Chair: Christopher Yost  
Ph: (306) 585-5223

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Post Conference Report

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 As of June 1st we have a total of 193 registrants which comprise 7 non members, 43 members, 27 non member Graduate/PDF/Emeritus, 72 Member Graduate/PDF, 16 Undergraduate and 28 Speakers. We have 10 Exhibitor booths secured for the event and we have received sponsorships from both local, provincial and national organizations. The sponsors include: The University of Regina, Genome Prairie, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, CIHR, Funomics, Ag-West Bio, VIDO, Thermo Fisher, Biolog. Exhibitors include: Illumina, New England Biolabs, Metagenom Bio Inc, D-Mark Biosciencies, Cedarlane, VWR, Thermo Fisher, CJM, CIHR. We also have two artists who will be setting up booths to showcase microbiology and science based art.

We have six symposia scheduled which we hope will be of interest to the attendees. We tried to balance the themes of the symposium across each of the CSM section themes. In addition, we have two workshops that are not typically planned during CSM- An undergraduate education workshop (29 registered) and a bioinformatics workshop (unto 35 participants registration closes during the first days of conference). 


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CSM-SCM Secretariat
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