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CSM Awards


CSM Murray Award for Career Achievement    CSM

R.G.E. Murray

The CSM Award is the Society's Premier award for senior researchers. After several recent name changes over the last few years, the CSM Executive has decided to permanently name the award in honour of the Murray family. Professor R.G.E. Murray and his father E.G.D Murray had a seminal role in the genesis of the CSM, and both had storied careers in microbiology. The Society is honoured that Professor R.G.E. Murray has agreed to have the family name affiliated with the CSM Award. Canadian Science Publishing, publisher of the Canadian Journal of Microbiology, has been sponsoring the award since 2011.  We are now accepting nominations for the 2017 CSM Murray Award - the deadline for nominations is April 18, 2017.  Please refer to the 2017 CSM Murray Award Call for Nomination Information for more details.


Microbiology in Canada received national attention when Professor Emeritus R.G.E. Murray, University of Western Ontario, was appointed as an officer of the Order of Canada. He was honoured for his lifetime contributions to the development of microbiology in Canada. The Canadian Society of Microbiologists owes a special debt of gratitude to Dr. Murray. He was chairman of the Founding Committee for the Society, 1950-1951 and Founding President, 1951-1952. The Society, he said, was "a much-needed catalyst and unifier for the diverse applied and basic microbiologists of the country". He has remained an active member of the Society throughout his scientific career and was elected an honorary member in 1985. Societies and their journals, particularly the Canadian and American Societies, continued to be important to Dr. Murray over the years. He persuaded the National Research Council of Canada that a microbiology journal was a justifiable publication and was appointed the founding editor of the Canadian Journal of Microbiology, 1954-1960. Prior to this appointment, he was a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Bacteriology, 1951-1954, and again from 1980-1986. He found his editorship of Bacteriological (later Microbiological, then Microbiology and Molecular Biology) Reviews, 1969-1979, to be a challenge, during which he honed his editorial skills. This involvement with the review journal increased his interest in the affairs of the American Society for Microbiology. He was elected President, 1972-1973, and an honorary member in 1988. He was also elected an honorary member of the Society for Applied Bacteriology in 1988. One of Dr. Murray's passions in life has been taxonomy. He inherited this interest honestly from his father, E.G.D. Murray, who was a trustee of Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology, 1936-1964. After his father's death in 1964, he was asked to join the Bergey's Manual Board of Trustees, and thus began another long association of a Murray with Bergey's Manual. He was Chairman of the Board of Trustees from 1976-1990. He has been a member of the International Committee for Systematic Bacteriology (International Association of Microbiological Societies) since 1962, and chairman from 1982-1990. He was elected an honorary member of ICSB in 1990. He was associate editor of the International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology, 1982-1990 and editor from 1991-1994, and he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Bacterial Diseases Network of Centres of Excellence in an advisory capacity.

Dr. Murray's research in bacterial cytology, structure and function, and systematics and taxonomy has brought numerous honours and awards: the Harrison Prize, Royal Society of Canada (shared with C.F. Robinow), 1957; Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada, 1958; the Canadian Society of Microbiologists Award, 1963; election to the American Academy of Microbiology, 1973; the Flavelle Medal, Royal Society of Canada, 1984; and the J. Roger Porter Award, American Society for Microbiology (U.S. Federation of Culture Collections), 1987. He also holds honorary degrees from the University of Western Ontario and the University of Guelph and was granted the degree Doctor of Science honoris causa by McGill University in 2007. And, many of his students and postdoctoral fellows continue the fine road in microbiology he has forged for them.  

Fisher Scientific Award 

 Fisher Scientific Canada

This award is given to stimulate and recognize new researchers in the microbiological sciences. The award comprises of complementary registration to the annual conference,  $1,500.00, and an inscribed scroll. More information about the award and the nominations process is available soon. We are now accepting nominations for the 2017 Fisher Scientific award - the deadline for nominations is April 18, 2017.   Please refer to the 2017 CSM Fisher Scienific Award Call for Nomination Information for more details.

Armand-Frappier Outstanding Student Award

Armand Frappier

University nominations are reviewed and ranked by a 5-member International Scientific Committee. The award consists of a cheque of $500, framed certificate, travel, accommodation, and complementary registration to the annual conference. The Armand Frappier Award is made possible by the generous financial support of CSM. We are now accepting nominations for the 2017 Canadian Graduate Student Microbiologist of the Year award. The nominations deadline is April 18, 2017. Please refer to the information and complete the nomination form (PDF) or (Word) format.


Armand Frappier was a founding member of the Canadian Society of Microbiologists, and its third president (1954-55). It is with great pride to report that this past year he has been inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. A full accounting of his accomplishments, and links to a vignette are available at Canadian Medical Hall of Fame website.

In order to honor Armand Frappier the Society has renamed one of its major awards. The CSM Gold award is now Armand-Frappier Outstanding Student Award/La bourse Armand-Frappier pour l'étudiant exceptionnel. The award with its new name was presented for the first time at the CSM 2012 Annual Conference in Vancouver.

CSM Undergraduate Award
Up to six awards valued at $500 each. The award is accompanied by a certificate of merit.

To recognize outstanding promise in an undergraduate student for early career contributions to microbiology and to encourage continued interest in microbiology and student engagement with the CSM.

Any faculty member of a Canadian university may nominate one full-time student for this award each year. The student must be a CSM member at the time of nomination. Nomination letters must be accompanied by a 1-page (single-space, 12pt font, 2 cm margins) essay by the nominee called “Why the study of microbiology is big science” in addition to an unofficial transcript of the nominee. Applications should be sent as a single combined PDF document to the CSM Secretariat and will be accepted until May 1, 2017. Nominations will be evaluated by the Education and Careers Committee based on the student essay, academic performance, and the nominating letter.

A photograph of the recipient receiving the award certificate must be submitted for use on the CSM website within one month of presenting the award.

CSM Graduate Ambassador Award
Up to two awards valued up to $1500 each. The award includes a $200 honorarium and up to $1300 to cover travel-associated expenses.

To enable outstanding graduate students or early career postdocs (within 2 years of graduating) to present research at (at least) two Canadian academic institutions (typically a regional location and national location). The ambassador’s home institution is not an eligible regional location. A pizza lunch, intended for other graduate students to network with the Ambassador, is recommended if the budget permits.

A graduate student or early career postdoc must submit electronically an application in PDF format to the CSM Secretariat by May 1st, 2017. To be eligible, the applicant must be a current member of the CSM and have been a member for at least two years at the time of the application. The application must include
  1. a letter of reference that specifically comments on the oral communication skills of the applicant (typically the student supervisor)
  2. an abstract of the talk written by the applicant (100 words or less), a justification for two target institutions for presentations (50 words or less) and a digitally recorded video. The 5-minute (or less) video must feature the applicant explaining why the committee should select him or her to serve as a CSM Ambassador, entitled “Why I want to be a CSM Graduate Ambassador”. Note that priority will be given to applicants from institutions that have not been awarded a CSM Graduate Ambassador Award previously.
The CSM Graduate Ambassador must be a standing member of the CSM for at least two years at the time of application. The recipient must submit receipts for reimbursement within 8 months of receiving the award. The recipient must also submit a short 100-word summary of the outcomes as well as a photographs of the talk to be shown on the CSM website. The Ambassador is also invited to present their summary in person during the Council and Annual General Meetings the following year if they are already attending the conference.

Cedarlane Student Award, CCM Student Award and ISME 8 Student Award
ISME-8 student awards
The CSM would like to acknowledge The Atlantic Canada Society for Microbial Ecology for their support of $2,000. This will support one award worth $500 and a certificate presented by the Atlantic Canada Society for Microbial Ecology. The award will be presented for the best student oral presentation in microbial ecology. The balance of the funds will support student travel awards.
The Atlantic Canada Society for Microbial Ecology
CCM student awards
The CSM would like to acknowledge The Canadian College of Microbiologists for their support of $800. This will support one award for $500 and a certificate presented by the Canadian College of Microbiologists. The award will be presented for the best student oral presentation. The balance of the funds will cover the cost of the frame, certificate and travel awards.
Canadian College of Microbiologists
Cedarlane student award
The CSM would like to acknowledge Cedarlane's support. This will support one award of $500 and will be presented to the best student presentation as part of the student symposium competition. The plaque will be prepared by Cedarlane and forwarded to the winner after the conference.
Cedarlane Laboratories Limited


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