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Minutes of the Annual General Me
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting - VIEW 
Held on June 21, 2011 at 12pm, Memorial University, St. John's, NL

Ed Topp (ET), President
Ivan Oresnik (IO), Vice President
Nancy Martin (NM), 2nd Vice President
Trevor Charles (TC), Past President
Jonathan Van Hamme (JVH), Meetings Secretary
Shannon Brooks (SB), Student Rep
Jessica Boyd (JB), Sec / Treasurer
Wafaa Antonious (WA), Secretariat

Chris Yost, Applied & Environmental Microbiology Chair
Peter Dunfield, Applied & Environmental Microbiology V-Chair
Samantha Gruenheid, Infections & Immunity V-Chair

Russell Hynes, Meetings, Conferences, Workshops
Kari Dunfield & Josh Neufeld, Education

Marie Elliot, 2010 LOC Chair
Andrew Lang, 2011 LOC Chair
Julian Davies, 2012 LOC Chair
Charles Dozois, 2014 LOC Chair
Harry Deneer, CJM Editor
Jim Germida, CJM Editor

General Members
Lyle White Guylaine Talbot Anthony Clarke
Ryan Chanyi Mohammad Eram John Smit
Susan Koval Kamine Khosla Peter Lowen
Alex Hynes A.K. Brassinga Michael Preston
Kersen Ma Richard Sparling John Gow
Roger Lalande Yung-Hua Li Robert Murray
J. Daniel Dubreuil XioLin Tian Louise Nelson
Alexandre Poulain Kapil Tahlan Hani Antoun
Brian Driscoll Ada Obuekwe Steven Hallam

Brian Coombes, II Section Chair
Martin Chenier, MGCM Section Chair
Deborah Court, MGCM V-Chair

Ashkan Golshani, 2013 LOC Chair
Mazen Saleh, 2015 LOC Chair

Eric Carstens, IUMS rep Virology
Charles Dozois, IUMS rep Bacteriology
Awatar Sekhon, IUMS rep Mycology
Julia Foght, BCDC rep
Peter Krell, ASM International rep
Peter Krell,ICTV rep

  1. Welcome & Introductions

  2. Agenda review and approval
    Moved accepted: Susan Koval
    2nd Louise Nelson

  3. Minutes of Past Meeting June 15 2010
    Moved accepted: Julian Davies
    2nd Shannon Brooks

  4. Election results
    Ed Topp presented the changes in executive:
    • Daniel Dubreuil is the new incoming 2nd Vice President:
    • Shannon Brooks is leaving the position of student representative, she will be replaced by Josie Libertucci
    • Jon Van Hamme is stepping down as Meetings Secretary, and needs a replacement
    • Jess Boyd is stepping down as Secretary/Treasurer and need a replacement
    • Josh Neufeld will be stepping down from the Education committee, Kari Dunfield will stay on for one more year.
      • Ayush Kumar will join the committee
      • We would like to increase membership in the Education committee by at least 2 to handle the new initiatives

    NOTE: during the conference the following people were recruited to the above open positions:

    Secretary/Treasurer: Guy Lemay
    Meetings Secretary: Russ Hynes
    Education Committee: Raphael Garduño & Karen Brassinga

  5. Secretary/ Treasure’s Report
    JB led us through the written reports (see council package for full information)
    1. Budget
      Summary: We are planning for an estimated net loss of $14,000 this year. This is a conservative estimate based on current projections for the conference. We will probably actually break even.

    2. Audited Financial Statements of 2010 (prepared by our new auditor Andrea Poole)
      Summary: our current assets are $192,147

    3. Membership Report
      Summary: We have 412 total members for 2011, we expect another 50 or so to renew their membership for 2011.

    4. Website Activities
      Summary: Our new website has collected over 1,000,000 hits in the first 6 months of 2011
    5. Bylaws Vote & registering amended bylaws with Corporation Canada
      Our revisions to the by-laws have been voted on and approved by the membership. The next task is to submit the revised document to Industry Department. This will be done by JB and WA
    6. Transfer of signing authority
      Motion: Transfer signing authority from outgoing president Ed Topp to new incoming president Ivan Oresnik
      moved accepted:  Louise Nelson
      2nd:  Lyle White

  6. President's Report
    Presented by Ed Topp
    • The society is on very strong financial footing with close to $200,000 in the bank.
    • Accordingly, the executive is developing new initiatives to direct some of this money to its membership. We have decided to fund a number of new awards for Students and Post Docs which could total up to $6,000 per year. The details of the awards and selection criteria will be worked out by a committee chaired by Josh Neufeld, with support from Ed Topp, Chris Yost, Samantha Gruenheid and Josie Libertucci. We hope to have these new awards in place early in 2012.
    • Asked for feedback and buy in from membership regarding the new website initiatives especially the "Meet the Microbiologist" vignettes
    •  As always we need more involvement in the society especially from newer members
    •  Also see written report

  7. Meeting Secretary’s report
    Jonathan Van Hamme summarized his written report:
    (see council package for full information)

  8. Meetings Conferences and Workshops
    Report on 2010 conference. See written report:

    1. Report on 2011 conference: Andrew Lang reviewed written report:
      Summary: 200 paid attendees and 40 volunteer non-paid
    2. Summary: Net income of $36,000. $9,092 goes back to Hamilton LOC
    3. Report on 2012 conference at UBC: not available, Julian Davies will make a presentation at the session later today
    4. Report on 2013 conference at U Ottawa: not available
    5. Report on 2014 conference: presented by Charles Dozois
      Summary: (see also written report)
      • The conference will be held in collaboration with the IUMS annual conference. This will be a very large meeting and will likely net the CSM a large profit.
      •  It will be held at the Palais de Congrés in Montreal Mark Wainberg will be the fundraiser
      • The National Organizing committee (NOC) is waiting for the new IUMS executive to be in place before deciding on speakers and session topics.
      • The NOC will integrate the CSM award lectures into the IUMS structure
    6. Report on 2015 conference at Laurentian: not available
    7. Future meetings: Russell Hynes is negotiating with Queen’s University for 2016

  9. Student Rep’s Report
    Shannon reviewed her written report
    (see council package for full information)

  10. Reports from the Sections
    1. Applied & Environmental Microbiology:
      Chris Yost summarized written report

    2. Applied & Environmental Microbiology:
      Chris Yost summarized written report

    3. Molecular Genetics & Cellular Microbiology:
      See written report

  11. Reports from Committees
    1. Education and Careers Committee
      Kari Dunfield summarized written report.

    2. Awards Report
      Ed Topp summarized written report:
      • We have renamed our highest award, the CSM award, the "CSM Murray Award for Career Achievement" in honour of the first CSM President, Professor R.G.E Murray, and his father E.G.D Murray, also a key player in microbiology in Canada.
      • This year the award is sponsored by The Canadian Journal of Microbiologists and CSP.
      • The first winner of the CSM Murray Award for Career Achievement is Dr. George Chaconas from the University of Calgary.
      • Fisher Scientific Award this year goes to Dr. Mariela Segura of the University of Montreal.
      • The CanGene gold Award this year goes to Karlene Lynch of the University of Alberta

  12. Reports from Representatives
    1. Canadian Journal of Microbiology Jim Germida delivered oral report
      • There were big changes last year, CJM is no longer part of the Canadian Government NRC press (the name remains, but the connection does not). The new entity, Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) now has more flexibility with regards to editorial decisions.
      • This year the Journal published the same number of pages as last year. There has been a large increase in the number of submissions. The Journal has a 70% rejection limit, due to the high number of poor quality submissions
    2. IUMS: Eric Carstens
      See written report
    3. ICTV: Peter Krell
      See written report
    4. BCDRCC: Julia Foght
      See written report
    5. ASM International Membership Committee: Peter Krell
      See written report
    6. ASM Ambassador to Canada: Peter Krell
      See written report

  13. Other Activities
    1. Electronic balloting.
      We have passed the revisions to the By-Laws which now allows us to use electronic balloting for all Society ballot questions. These include, but are not limited to, potential other By-Law updates as well as committee positions.

  14. Other Business
    Next meeting:  UBC in 2012

  15. Adjourn

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